A shortcut to seamless freight forwarding & logistics.
An image of a freight liner sailing the ocean.

Explorate is a really promising startup out of Brisbane, Australia. The company has a massive vision to update the shipping and logistics industry. The team are passionate about changing the worlds interaction with freight. They plan make it easy to simply book and track a shipping container from start to finish.

I took on a short-term role at Explorate to help the co-founders build out their application front end using Vue.js. As the sole front end developer at the time, my role was to develop the admin panel, booking system and user profiles from scratch.

This meant making a lot of large upfront decisions on the tech stack, which subsequently lead me to choosing Vue.js for the front end and Node.js for back end. Asynchronous state management was made possible with Vuex using named modules. I also provided  guidance for the development their internal API for more efficient requests and data flow.

Some of the complex pieces of UI involved an intricate Gantt chart system. The chart visualizes all the available freight carriers for a particular journey. It can be filtered by carrier, date, price and transit time. Below you can see a screenshot of the chart in action. Working with the team at Explorate gave me a fun insight into the world of logistics and now it makes total sense why this solution is so sorely needed. I truly do wish the team at Explorate all the best for the future.