Adventure In My Veins

A rock climbing blog for digital dirtbags
A screenshot of the Adventure In My Veins website.

Adventure In My Veins is an adventure publication crafted for wanderlusting, thrill seeking, mountain lovers who want to build a location independent lifestyle. It's a passion project for me and a place where I show you how to become a digital dirtbag and travel the world sustainably. My background is in web development but things didn't actually start out that way. I was initially inspired to learn to code when I started travelling. Along the way I some amazing freelancers, creatives, business owners and freelancers from all around the world. One of the most interesting and inspiring things about these people was their ability to work and travel wherever they liked.

Naturally, with my passion for rock climbing, I decided to build a blog around rock climbing "digital dirtbags". During my travels I met a ton of great climbers who also had a creative passion project on the side or as part of their full-time income. I would interview them and share their story on the blog. Just this year I decided to give my blog a complete facelift. I chose to build the blog with Gridsome and Vue.js. It's super fast and efficient because each post is a simple markdown file and everything is served statically on Netlify.

Now that the site is live I plan to blog there more regularly and interview more digital dirtbags!