Adore Beauty

Australia's largest online beauty store
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Adore Beauty is Australia’s longest-running online beauty stores, and an official stockist of over 200 leading global beauty brands. Over the past 12 months Adore has spent a great deal of energy updating their online platform and user experience. As a result they have selected a highly modern tech stack utilising Nuxt (server side Vue.js) on the front end and Laravel on the back end.

My role as a front end developer included building out new User Interfaces and web pages using the Nuxt.js framework. Some notable pieces of UI that I built included:

  • Product Image Carousel, Zoom tool and Modal Gallery
  • Product Reviews & Create Review Product Pages
  • Product Tooltip components
  • Product Information components
  • Modal Popup components
  • Google / Facebook / Email Authentication component
  • Recommended and Related Products components
  • Performance upgrades using asset lazy loading
  • SEO and Google Structured Data schema creation

I worked with the Adore Beauty team as a contractor for approximately four months. I really enjoyed my time with the team and wish them the very best!