QLD Business Launchpad

The Business Launchpad makes it easier to discover licences, permits and regulatory information tailored to your business needs.
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Throughout 2020 and midway into 2021 I contracted as a Principal Developer for Pipefish on behalf of the Queensland Government. There I worked with the team to develop a tool called the Business Launchpad.

The Business Launchpad is an interactive tool to help business owners find relevant legislative information relating to their business needs and requirements. Imagine you’re a cafe owner and you want to throw a live music event and serve liquor. By using the Business Launchpad you simply log in with your online myGov business account and step-through the interactive questionnaire. The user can navigate to a “dashboard”  where they will find a detailed list of all the legislative documents they will need.

Currently, if you’re thinking of opening a café and wanted to prepare fresh food on-site, sell alcohol with meals, provide background music and alfresco dining, and have a new sign on the footpath, you’ll need licences from multiple agencies across all 3 levels of government. Keeping track of everything you need can be time-consuming. That’s where the Business Launchpad really shines.

I’m really proud of this project and cannot believe how much effort was required to bring it to life. I am grateful for the opportunity and proud of the teamwork involved. We were able to deliver the project successfully, on time and under budget.

The technology used on the Business Launchpad includes:

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL and Apollo
  • TypeORM
  • Gatsby
  • Azure
  • Aus Gov Design System
  • Tailwind CSS