CleanCo Queensland is a government-owned electricity generation and trading company - fuelled by a mix of renewable energy and innovative energy solutions.
The CleanCo logo.

CleanCo is a renewable energy company owned by the Queensland Government. It was created with Queensland’s most flexible low-emission generation assets to put downward pressure on electricity prices, integrate renewables while preserving reliability, and support the transition to clean energy in a way that drives regional growth and jobs.

I took on a six month contract role at CleanCo to help build out new features for the CleanCo Physical Trading Platform (PTP). The platform is the core system for CleanCo traders to buy and sell wholesale electricity that is generated from their various facilities across the state. My work involved building out complex settings and configuration controls to allow the traders to work more efficiently and seamlessly.

The tech stack included React, TypeScript, Redux, Material Design, Styled Components hosted on Azure.

Some notable highlights include:

  • Building a real-time task manager system for traders to manage their daily activities as well as "handover" tasks that are transferred between traders.

  • Adding new features to the trading grid and allowing all changes to be configured in an admin settings portal.

  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

  • Integrating a suite of new API endpoints into the application.

  • Upgrading packages to ensure the codebase is up to date with the latest syntax and features.