Matrix is a market leading enterprise CMS, used around the world on a huge variety of commercial websites, including universities, government agencies, local councils, and more. I was brought on as the main front end developer to help redevelop the front end UI for the much anticipated Matrix 5.5+ release. For those of you who don't know Matrix ... Think WordPress and multiply it's complexity by 50 ... at least!

The Matrix platform is a serious contendor for the development of largescale commercial websites. It is used extensively throughout Australia and the world by leading universities, government agencies, city councils, banks and more. My work at Squiz focused on updating and improving the front end user experience on the Matrix CMS. This included, but was not limited to:

  • Redeveloping UI from mockups and user feedback.

  • Heavy refactoring of JS, PHP, HTML and CSS code.

  • Adding dynamic components and modern features while removing outdated code.

  • Writing clean, testable code using Jenkins.

  • Sitewide bug fixes and upgrades.

  • Working remotely and in office with developers across Australia.

  • Following a a Kanban workflow with weekly team standups.