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The SoldNest logo (image of a bird with the text 'SoldNest')

SoldNest is a California based start-up with a brilliant tool that allows one to see the best ways to increase their home’s value. The application is driven by a machine learning algorithm that analyses thousands of real estate data points. In order to find the best possible ways to upgrade your home's value, the user answers a few simple questions about their home, and it's current state. These include things like your kitchen style, landscaping, home construction, property size, the age of the home, and much more. Once the user has completed the questionnaire they are taken to their "nestimator" dashboard where they can play with various remodeling ideas to get an idea of the future value of their home.

My role at SoldNest was to the build the front-facing marketing site as well as the nestimator dashboard. For this project I chose Nuxt.js as it offers server-side rendering, making it perfect for SEO and asynchronous server-side HTML and component templating using Vue. I teamed up with a designer who did a fantastic job of bringing this application to life. From the designs I then worked to break the designs into Vue components.

This was a really fun and engaging project to work on and I'm really proud with how it all turned out. To everyone on the SoldNest team, I wish you all the best and know it's going to be a great product!