Free Code Camp Algorithm Solution: Boo Who

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Free Code Camp Algorithm Solution: Boo Who

In this post I show you how to solve the Free Code Camp Boo Who AlgorithmIt is actually probably one of the easiest problems out there, but it can trip you up if you don’t do your research. A bit of Googling and reading up, and you’ll knock this one over in no time. Let’s begin!

To solve this challenge you are given the following hints, plus some extra reading from me:

But also, be sure to read the question carefully. It’s important to understand what the question is asking of you. It says: “Check if a value is classified as a boolean primitive. Return true or false.” Basically, all this means is you need to return true or false based on the given function argument.

Everything Without a “Real” Value is False

Ok, so now you’re all read up on Booleans. Let’s smash this problem in one line! Seriously, it’s that easy. Think again, what are we trying to achieve? Simply put, we just want to return true or false based on the Boolean type. Thus, all you really need to write is the following code:

function booWho(bool) {
 return typeof bool === 'boolean';

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